What policies/procedures are in effect for the administration of property at UH?

As an agency of the State of Texas, UH is subject to the policies/procedures set forth in the State Property Accounting (SPA) Policy and Procedures Manual and the State Property Accounting User's Manual (SPAUM). The UH Manual of Administrative Policies and Procedures (MAPP)provides a general overview of property management and assists all university personnel in the management of university property. Below are MAPP Sections pertaining exclusively to property management:

MAPP 03.03.01 - Property Management Overview
MAPP 03.03.02 - Acquisition of Capital Equipment
MAPP 03.03.03 - Maintenance and Control Responsibilities
MAPP 03.03.04 - Property Management's Annual Inventory
MAPP 03.03.05 - Disposal of Excess Equipment

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