How do I print a PowerPoint presentation from WebCT?

In Vista, if the PowerPoint is in an organizer page, say the Home page, the student will need to open the file and print the slides by right clicking and choosing Print.

If the Powerpoint is in a Learning module, the student opens the Powerpoint in the Learning module, right clicks and selects Print.

If there are several PowerPoints in a Learning Module, and the Print icon is given in the right side of the Module toolbar, then the student will select the icon and choose what needs to be printed, in this case, more than one slide. The PowerPoint file links will appear and the choices are to Print or Save to File. But choosing Print is deceptive, because only the page prints, not the PowerPoint. The student needs to choose Save to File which will create a zip file that the student saves to the local machine and from there the slides are selected for printing.

If it is a PowerPoint presentation and has been downloaded to the student’s computer, they can use that file just like any PowerPoint file.

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