How do I backup the data on my computer?

The university provides a hard drive backup system (TSM or ADSM) for all departments and colleges. This is now a free service. Click Here or go to

If you are unable to acquire the TSM service or are a student, you can save your data to CDs, DVDs, Jump Drives, Zip Drives, tape cassettes, or external hard drives using these directions for Windows 7, Vista and XP and Windows 2000:

To do the Backup itself:
1. Go to the Start Button and choose All Programs.
2. Choose Accessories.
3. Choose System Tools.
4. Choose Backup. This sends you to the Backup Wizard.
5. Choose Next.
6. Choose "Backup files and settings."
7. Choose the appropriate information to back up.
8. Choose Device and Media to Backup information to a location.
9. Choose Next to begin Backup.
10. After Backup is completed, Choose Close or Finish.

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