What do I need to do if I was selected for verification?

The Department of Education randomly selects a certain percentage of students for the verification process. If you were selected for verification, you will need to submit a signed copy of your federal tax return, a signed copy of your spouse's federal tax return (if married), a signed copy of your parents' federal tax return (if dependent), and a Dependent or Independent Federal Verification Form for that academic year. Verification Forms can be found on the Financial Aid Forms web page. Please be sure that the tax forms are signed, as without signed documents the processing of your paperwork will be delayed. We also ask that copies are turned in and not the originals.

Once the documents are submitted, please allow 2-4 weeks (4-6 during July to September) for processing. If we have questions, or require additional documentation, you will be contacted via e-mail. Any form that must be re-submitted will take an additional 2-4 weeks (4-6 during July to September) from the date of submission.

Our office will compare the information that you reported on your FAFSA application with the information collected on your federal tax returns and Federal Verification Form. If there are differences between your application and submitted documents, discrepancies must be addressed before corrections will be submitted by the University of Houston to the Department of Education.

You can monitor the progress through your myUH account. Submit any item in "initiated" status in your To Do List.

Until your file is complete, we cannot disburse financial aid funds to your account.

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