What is THEA?

The THEA test is one of the approved tests for the Texas Success Initiative.  The TASP test has been renamed THEA. Like TASP, THEA must be taken before enrolling in courses unless exempt. The passing standards for THEA are the same as for TASP: Reading = 230, Math = 230, Writing = 220. Previous TASP scores will remain intact. Information about THEA is available on the University Studies website at . http://www.usd.uh.edu/tsp/taspidx.htm.

The SAT, ACT, and TAAS scores required for exemption from Texas Success Initiative are the same as for the old TASP program. Other exemption criteria have changed with Success Initiative. A complete listing of exemptions is available at http://www.usd.uh.edu/tsp/tsidetails.htm.

UH Placement scores and Success Initiative passing scores may not be the same. Developmental education courses may be required if student does not meet placement criteria for the desired course. THEA, unlike TASP, is not a graduation requirement. Contact an advisor in the University Studies Division, 320 Student Service Center, for more information.

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