How can I install or update McAfee Anti-Virus software?

To install McAfee Anti-Virus software:

1. You can download the software from the UH Anti-Virus download page at or the software download page at .
The Info link takes you to the installation instructions, and the Download link takes you to the software.
Be sure to download the version that is compatible with your computer's operating system (such as Windows XP or Mac OS X). If you are using Windows XP, either Home Edition or Pro Edition, download VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i.
2. Uninstall any current anti-virus software you are running.
3. Follow the steps from the installation wizard or the instructions.
4. You might need to restart your computer to complete the installation, so be sure to save your open work first.

If you have any problems, use the links in Step 1 to check out the instructions, or call the IT Support Center at (713) 743-1411.

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