Which software programs should I use to protect my computer from security threats?

Viruses, computer worms, spyware, and adware pose threats to the security of your computer. There are many software products on the market that offer effective protection from these threats. IT offers the following suggestions:

Firewall software - blocks computer worms and hackers from accessing your computer
• Windows Firewall: Included in Windows software. For activation instructions, .
• ZoneAlarm: Click Here for more information.

Anti-virus software - protects against and removes viruses
• McAfee VirusScan: Available for free download to current UH students, faculty, and staff. Click Here for the IT anti-virus download site.

Anti-spyware and anti-adware software - protect against and remove spyware, adware (pop-up ads), and malware

• Spybot Search and Destroy: Available for free download. Click Here to visit the site.

The following Web site offers excellent information on computer protection software and other methods of computer protection:
• Download.com: Click Here to visit the site.

Please read software license agreements before buying or downloading any software. Users are personally responsible for adhering to software license agreements.

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