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To MR Ervin James
hi i am elias bassil from lebanon, MR Ervin when i talked to you u told that you where going to sign the I20 form, and you did in 8/4/2003 and the expiration date is 8/14/2003 i received it in 8/11/2003
now in the US Embassy in lebanon the way to get a visa is to send a fax of the I20 form and they will return your fax with an appointement they gave me the appointement in 8/21/2003 after the expairation date and there is the problem that here that they don't give a visa if the I20 has expired
so i am asking you kindelly if you can do anything to help i will give you the number of the US Embassy here and if you could talk to them and help me
the phone number is 9614544037 and since you are an US citizen they will hear you and they will do what ever you tell them to help me because i really love to study at your university
please do what ever you can to help me
my phone number is 9613637174
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