What is a degree plan? How do I receive one?

A degree plan is a formal statement of requirements a student must complete in order to graduate.  To be official, a degree plan must be certified by the college of the student’s major. Application for a degree plan should be made to the dean of the college or departmental advisor no later than at the completion of 60 credit hours. Before certification for graduation can be made, copies of the degree plan must be on file in the college dean's office and in the Office of Registration and Academic Records in the Welcome Center.

Degree plans vary by major. All degree plans include CORE requirements. Contact your major advisor at http://uh.edu/enroll/rar/advisors.html for more information. 

Students should be aware that, while colleges may use an academic audit as part of the degree plan, an academic audit by itself does not constitute a degree plan. Also, the published curriculum of a major or course of study does not by itself constitute a degree plan.

Students are responsible for all requirements of the catalog under which they are graduating.

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