I am interested in pursuing Optometry. Can I major in pre-optometry? Where can I find information and requirements?
Pre-optometry is not a major. Students interested in applying to the College of Optometry should select a major in which they can succeed and take the prerequisites for optometry school either as a minor, as part of the major, or as electives.
Information about Optometry and Frequently Asked Questions about the profession are available at the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry website. Visit their website at http://www.opted.org/ . Additional information is available at http://www.opted.org/info_faq.cfm.
Prerequisites required for the College of Optometry are available at
There is also a summer program at UH for disadvantaged students http://www.opt.uh.edu/Academics/Texocop/index.cfm#u1
Information about the UH Doctor of Optometry program is located at http://www.opt.uh.edu/academics/OD/#u1.

The UH Optometry can be reached at Phone: 713.743.2040 or by email at OSA@optometry.uh.edu. Schedule an appointment with Roger Boykins, the Optometry advisor, for more specific information.
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