What is the TASP ?B OR BETTER? Rule?

The Success Initiative has replaced the TASP program. TASP "B or better rule" no longer exists under the Success Initiative. Students must meet "college readiness" standards to satisfy the Success Initiative requirement. College readiness is defined by UH as meeting the requirements for entry into the following courses by developmental education course(s) or placement

* Writing: ENGL 1303, ENGL 1304, ENGL 1309, ENGL 1310

* Math: MATH 1310 (or a more advanced MATH course for which MATH 1310 (College Algebra) is prerequisite) 

* Reading: PSYC 1300, HIST 1376/1377, HIST 1378/1379, POLS 1336, POLS 1337, ENGL 2301, 2302, 2303, or 2304

Additional Success Initiative information may be found at http://www.usd.uh.edu/tsp/taspidx.htm.

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