I am transferring from out-of-state. Can I claim TASP or THEA completion based on my transferred coursework?

The Success Initiative has replaced the TASP program. A student who transfers to a Texas public institution from a private or out-of-state institution may use transferred courses to satisfy the Success Initiative requirements. A student must have earned a "C" or higher in one of the courses below in each of the three skill areas. If not, the student must be tested for the remaining skill area(s).

* Writing: ENGL 1303, ENGL 1304 

* Math: MATH 1310 (or a more advanced MATH course for which MATH 1310 (College Algebra) is prerequisite) 

* Reading: PSYC 1300, HIST 1376/1377, HIST 1378/1379, POLS 1336, POLS 1337, ENGL 2301, 2302, 2303, or 2304

Additional Success Initiative information may be found at http://www.usd.uh.edu/tsp/taspidx.htm.

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