I want to go to law school after college. Can I major in pre-law?

There is no such major as pre-law at the University of Houston. You should select a major in which you can succeed, and arrange to take at least some of the courses recommended for pre-law as part of your major, as a minor, or as electives. See http://ppb.uh.edu/Pre-law_info_3-07.pdf or contact an Consult a UScholars advisor in the basement of the MD Anderson Library East (across from the University Center) in room 56. UScholars Academic Advising Center (formerly University Studies Division) office hours are Monday-Tuesday, 8am-7pm and Wednesday-Friday, 8am-5pm. Go to http://www.ppb.uh.edu/  for information about pre-law services.

UH Pre-Law Initiatives will conduct Saturday Pre-Law Academy during the fall and spring semesters and the UH Sophomore Pre-Law Institute during the summer. Go to prelawprograms.uh.edu/. Contact Lateki Lewis Pre-Law Advisor II at LDLewis@uh.edu for additional information.

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