How do I qualify for in-state tuition if I work at another university?

Students are eligible for employment waivers, including international students, if they meet the requirements defined by Texas law. To qualify for in-state tuition based on employment at a non-UH state university you, your spouse, or (if a dependent) your parent must be employed as a teacher or professor, research assistant or teaching assistant at least 50% of the time, paid monthly (salaried), and employed by the census date.
The employing university must provide a letter on their letterhead with the following information:

The employee's name and employee ID

Employment date

Employment end date (if on contract)


FTE: An abbreviation for full-time equivalency that refers to a percentage of time and effort for a position. One hundred percent or l.00 FTE means full time or 40 hours per week; 50 percent or .50 FTE means half time or 20 hours per week, etc.

Click here for information about waivers for teachers or professors. Click here for information about waivers for teaching assistants or research assistants.

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