Is summer financial aid available?

Summer financial aid is available. Processing usually begins in early April. You must have a current award year FAFSA on file. A Summer Aid Application must also be completed and submitted to the University of Houston's Financial Aid Office. The Summer Aid Application will be available at the UH Financial Aid Forms page.

Federal Direct loans are available for the summer if you have not exceeded the annual limit for your academic classification. Private loans are available for credit-worthy applicants or co-signers. If you have not exceeded your Pell grant limit during the previous fall and spring semesters, the remainder of your total Pell grant limit is available based on summer enrollment. If you have completed 12 hours each in fall and spring and you have summer enrollment of at least 6 hours, a new Pell grant is available based on summer hours.

If you have already exhausted the entire amount of funds you were awarded for the academic year in fall and spring, then you will not be able to receive funds in the summer. When you see your award for the academic year it is automatically divided half for fall and half for spring. If you plan on attending school for the summer, be sure and allow for some funds to be saved for summer. The academic year at the University of Houston begins with fall and ends with the summer.

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