What is the difference between a residency reclassification and a waiver of non-resident tuition?

The Office of Admissions and the Office of the Registrar process residency reclassifications for those students who are eligible to pay in-state tuition in the state of Texas. The Student Financial Services Department handles waivers or tuition adjustments for students who are non-residents, but are eligible for a reduction in their tuition rates due to certain provisions listed in the Rules and Regulations set for by the Coordinating Board of Texas. These rules are located on the Coordinating Board's Web site at http://www.collegeforalltexans.com/index.cfm?ObjectID=6D1466D9-AEA5-DE00-C12F3F75E7367718 Some examples of common waivers are: Scholarship waivers Research/Teaching assistant waivers Economic Development and Diversification waivers Military waivers Please note: Optional waivers listed in the Rules and Regulations may not be approved for implementation at the University of Houston.

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