I am a former University of Houston student. I wish to return to take some English courses for credit. I tried to register online using my Social Security number and birthdate as the userID and PIN code as instructed. The message said one or both were not valid. What do I need to do?

You may contact any one of the enrollment service offices (713-743-1010) to have your PIN code reset.

When you first log on to the Enrollment Services Online https://www.stu.uh.edu/iXpress/Newmenu_sys/srv/intro.dml website use your birthdate (mmddyy) as the PIN code.

The number cannot be the same as your birthdate, the same number, e.g., 111111, in ascending or descending order, e.g., 123456
or 654321, repititious numbers, e.g., 121212, or all zeros.The system will then prompt you to change your PIN code to something other than your birthdate.

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