I got a new phone, but I kept the same number. How can I get my new phone set up for Two-Factor Authentication?

When you get a new phone but kept the same number, you can activate it in the manage devices page in Two-Factor Authentication.

To activate the new phone:

1 - Login to AccessUH or Two-Factor Authentication with your CougarNet credentials.

2 - Click Other Options.

3 - Click Manage devices.

4 - Select Text message passcode. (Note: Choose this option to authenticate for now. The DUO push will not work since this is a new device and needs to be activated.)

5 - Go to your phone and look for the text message with the passcode

6 - On your desktop enter your passcode

7 - Click Verify.

8 - Click I have a new phone.

9 - Click Get started.

10 - Click Next. (Note: If you do not have the Duo mobile app installed on your mobile phone go to the App Store or Google Play.)

11 - Open the Duo Mobile app on your mobile phone, tap the + button and scan the QR code.

12 - Click Continue.

If you still have questions or need assistance, please contact the UIT Support Center via live chat or 713-743-1411.

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