How do I set up UH Email using Microsoft Outlook & Mac Mail?

Steps to set up UH Email using Microsoft Outlook

 If this is your first-time using Outlook for Mac:

**You can also view this video on How to Add/Remove UH Mail using Outlook:

If you already have an existing Outlook for Mac account set up, and want to Add/ Remove an account.

 To add an account:

1.      Select Outlook > Preferences at the top left corner of screen.


2.      Click the Accounts icon in the top row of icons.


3.      Click the “+” button at the bottom of the left column in the Accounts window to expand it and choose New Account.


4.      A Set up Your Email window will appear. Type in your email address and click Continue.


5.      A Microsoft Sign In page will appear. replace your "” with and click Next.


6.      Enter your CougarNet password and click Sign In.


7.      An Account Information window will appear. Type in your password again and click OK


 8.      You should now see a Set up your Email window with a green check mark in it. You can click the Done button if you are finished adding accounts.


To remove an account

1.      Select Outlook at top left corner of screen (next to Apple) and then select Preferences, Accounts


2.      Select the account you want to delete.


3.      Click the “-“ at the bottom of that column.

 4.      Confirm you want to delete the account by clicking the Delete button.


Steps to set up UH Email using Mac Mail

If this is your first-time using Mac mail:


1.      Click Finder/Applications/Mail - Double click Mail to launch the application. 

2.      Select: Microsoft Exchange and click Continue.

3.      Type in your name and email address, and click Sign In,


4.      A Microsoft Exchange Window Pops up, click Sign In once again.


5.      When prompted at Microsoft Sign on page, you will need to change your email address to your email address password, then click Next


 6.      Enter your password, and click Sign In.


7.      All apps will be selected by default to sync, this is OK. Click Done.

Your UH email account is now set up, and ready to use in Mac Mail.

 You can view this video for step-by-step walk through on How to set up your UH email account using Mac mail.


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