How can I remove participants from Meetings in Microsoft Teams?

For both, meetings and group calls, Microsoft Teams includes all the members in the call/meeting. In the case of the group call, you can either remove the participants before calling or during the call. But the case of video meetings, you can only remove the participants during the call. In this case, removing the participants prior to the meeting won’t be an ideal option as it will remove the participants from the team as well.

During Call (Meetings & Group Video Calls)


Remove Participants from Meetings in Microsoft Teams

The interface in Microsoft Teams is the same for meetings or group calls. The menubar on the screen has a button to show the participants. During the call, you can access the list of participants and remove them from there. Simply right-click on the participant you want to remove and click the “Remove participant” button.

Before Calling (Group Video Calls)

Remove Participants from Microsoft Teams Meetings

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