How do I receive my regalia?

There are multiple answers dependent on the situation.

  1. Grad Fair orders, purchased at a register. These have arrived and distributed via curbside service. Here is a link for them to schedule an appointment. Refunds: These can be done over the phone before a student picks up. If student picked up and decides not to walk, they can still get refund as long as the regalia is unused.
  2. Grad Fair order done on a Tablet with Herff Jones falls under online order with Herff Jones. See next item.
  3. Herff Jones Online order. The students have been receiving emails from Herff Jones to opt in for shipping, or request refunds. The product is then shipped out free of charge but there is an approximate wait of up to 28 days from opt in. Here is a direct link if they cannot find that email. Refunds: If they have not opted in for shipping, refunds can be requested through Herff Jones on the above link. If student already received regalia, they will need to reach out to Herff Jones to get information to ship the item back to them for the refund. Item needs to be unused.
  4. If students have not purchased regalia yet, we are still encouraging them to do so, as they can take pictures and celebrate this special occasion. Then they will have the item when the new ceremony dates are announced. Online orders are being taken until June 5th or shorten when on a phone,
  5. We just received our regalia and will begin selling it by phone starting May 18th. This will help the students that just need a tassel or a cap. They can purchase a set if they need as well. This can be shipped or picked up using curbside.
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