How do I purchase summer course materials?
  • Students can go into their AccessUH accounts and click on the icon titled ‘UH Campus Store’. This will pull up the list of classes they are in and what required items they need to purchase. They would then click the link that says ‘Purchase All Materials’ and it will build a shopping cart on our website.
  • Students can then choose shipping or curbside pickup.
    • Shipping is free until May 22nd, so we are suggesting to purchase their course materials as soon as they can to take advantage of the free shipping
    • Curbside pickup – once they receive their confirmation email that the order is complete and ready, there is a link they will need to click to schedule an appointment for pickup. Students will need to park in the 20 minute loading zone parking near the Student Center Loading Dock. Not the loading zone of the circle drive but the parking on the side of the building near the theater. They will need to call the store and let us know they have arrived. If they cannot get through, we do have people periodically going outside to check. They are to remain in their cars and an associate will come to them.
  • It is suggested they order digital books when available to have the most contactless order possible and they will receive it in an email almost immediately. Some items are not available in digital or the students may prefer a physical book and we are still taking care of those orders.
Created: May 14, 2020 - 7:3am Updated: May 14, 2020 - 7:9am Author: Student Center - Information Center Article: 3012
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