How do I log into my email?

Current students, faculty and staff receive a Microsoft 365 email mailbox.

The Microsoft 365 email service can be accessed via a web browser such as Edge, Chrome, Safari or Firefox or the Outlook 365 email client. The web browser access requires 2 Factor Authentication.

Web browser access:

1. Log into your Microsoft 365 account:

The email uses your CougarNet username and password. If you do not know the password, reset it at the CougarNet Password Wizard.

a. Log into AccessUH, click the Microsoft 365 icon and follow the link


Log into Microsoft 365

Enter your UserID: ex:

Enter your CougarNet password

2. Once logged in, click on the  icon in the left-most column.

Outlook 365 email client access:

Learn how to configure your Microsoft 365 email mailbox for iOS/Android or Windows/Mac devices.

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