I don�t see my courses in Blackboard.

Here are some possible reasons why a course isn’t showing up on Blackboard:  

  • Blackboard hasn’t loaded the course 
  • The student registered the same day 
  • The professor hasn’t made the course available
  • The professor hasn’t requested the course to Blackboard 
  • A course was dropped because of non-payment 

Try these troubleshooting tips to view courses on Blackboard:  

  • Clear Cache *** Open a new window
  • Clear Cookies*** Open a new window
  • Clear or update Java***
  • Try another browser like Firefox***
  • ***(Although good practice, this wouldn’t necessarily fix a missing course unless the screen is stuck on “Please wait while module loads.”)

Also, check the Blackboard Course Finder website to see if the professor has loaded the students into the course itself. If you are still unable to see the courses please contact the UIT Support Center via live chat or 713-743-1411 and we will be able to assist you.


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