I am working from home and need to access my computer screen, how do I do that?

There are several requirements needed to connect to remote a computer on campus, you must:

  • Know the computer name or IP address of the on-campus computer to which you want to remotely connect. Please get with your System Administrator within your department if you don’t know your computer name or IP Address. 
  • The on-campus computer must be turned on and operating in a non-hibernating or high performance mode. • The on-campus computer is set to allow remote desktop connection. • You will need to use your CougarNet credentials.

Instructions on connecting to your UH workstation from home can be found here https://gethelp.uh.edu/kb/2190 , once you have successfully connected to VPN.

There are several requirements for Remote Desktop Connection: 

Part 1:  Connect to UH VPN: Instructions can be found here: 


Part 2:  Connect to computer on campus: Instructions can be found here: 


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