I need to set up my Exchange/Cougarnet email on my Android. Can I use Androids built in email features for this set up?

How to Set Up Exchange/CougarNet Email using Androids Built in Settings

The steps below may not be identical for every Android model, but the information will be the same.

1. Press Settings

2. Press Cloud and accounts

3. Press Account.  

4. Press Add account.

5. Press Email.  

6. Press Office365.

7. Enter your Microsoft 365 username.

8. Press Next

9. Enter your Microsoft 365 password.

10. Press Sign in

11. Press Apply

12. Choose the desired options.

13. Press Done

14. Press Activate.

15. Enter the desired account name.

16. Press Done.

Note: To view the emails on your Android press the Email app.

For a pdf version of these instructions, download the attachment below.

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