What is a UH email alias and why do I have one?


The UH email alias is a "virtual" email address that points to your destination email address (mailbox) where your emails actually reside. Emails sent to your UH email alias (ex. jdoe@uh.edu) are automatically redirected to your mailbox (ex. jdoe@central.uh.edu, jdoe@yahoo.com, 123me@gmail.com etc..).

You can give out the email alias instead of your mailbox address. This keeps your "public" email address from changing whenever your "actual" email address changes due to, for example, the university changing mail servers.

In addition, UH will use your email alias to send you important university information such as emergency closings and information from your college or department.


Click Here to go to the Online Directory to find UH email aliases.

Instructions on how to check and update destinations for UH email aliases:




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