How do I configure Outlook to connect to my Microsoft 365 Exchange/CougarNet Email account on my Windows machine?

Open Outlook (2016 and Microsoft 365)

If you are on campus with a computer that belongs to then all you need to do it open Outlook and it should walk you through the steps to connect to your mailbox.

If you are off campus or using a machine that is not a member of the domain then follow these steps:

Go To:

  1. File
  2. Account Settings
  3. Account Settings
  4. New
  5. Your Name: Type how you would like for your name to appear to others
  6. Email Address:
  7. Password: CougarNet Password
  8. Retype Password: CougarNet Password
  9. Click "Next"


"Configuring" Screen will now show

A new window may pop up "Windows Security"

  1. Click "More Choices" at the bottom
  2. Click "Use a different account"
  3. Username will be your
  4. Password will be your CougarNet Password
  5. Click the box to "Remember my credentials"
  6. Click the "OK" button

The "Configuring" Screen should now show 3 green check marks

Click "Finish"

It may take several minutes for all of the folders to populate.

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