How do I connect to a Hidden SSID for my Nintendo Wii?
  1. On the Wii console's main menu, click on the 'Wii button' in the lower left corner.
  2. This will take you to the settings screen. On this screen, click on 'Wii Settings'.
  3. In the Wii System Settings, click on the blue ararticle on the right to reach the second screen of options. On this screen, click the 'Internet' button.
  4. Select 'Connection Settings'.
  5. Select an empty connection slot indicated by 'None'.
  6. Select 'Wireless Connection'.
  7. Click on “Manual Setup”
  8. Carefully type in the SSID of UHRegistered
  9. Tap OK
  10. Tap “Test Connection”. At this point your console will attempt to make a connection with your wired router. **If your connection succeeds then you are able to connect and use online game play. ****If the connection fails, follow the on-screen instructions to check your settings. All Settings should be set to automatic. This includes IP Addresses, Subnet Mask, DNS Servers, and any other settings needed to connect to the network. If you receive an error
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