How do I connect to a Hidden SSID for my Playstation 3?
  1. Select [Settings] > [Network Settings].
  2. Select [Internet Connection Settings].
  3. Select [Yes] when a confirmation screen is displayed stating that you will be disconnected from the Internet.
  4. Select [Custom].
  5. Make a wireless connection via a wireless LAN
  6. Specify the access point by entering its SSID manually using a keyboard. Use the SSID: [UHRegistered]. Make sure to enter it exactly as shown with no parenthesis (case sensitive).
  7. Set the encryption key to [None].
  8. Set the ethernet data transfer rate to [Auto-Detect]
  9. Set the IP Address Setting to [Automatic].
  10. Set the DHCP host name, select [Do Not Set].
  11. Set the DNS server to [Automatic].
  12. Set the MTU value to [Automatic].
  13. Set the Proxy Server to [Do Not Use].
  14. Set the UPnP to [Enable]. If set to [Disable], communication with others may be restricted when using the voice / video chat feature or communication features of games.
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