How do I login to Microsoft 365?

Your Microsoft 365 account uses your CougarNet password.

Use your and password to login to Microsoft 365.


You can access your account via AccessUH or online.

This is not the same password as your myUH ID password. If you do not know your CougarNet password, you can reset it using the CougarNet Password Wizard.

1.     Go to 

2.     Enter CougarNet ID.

3.     Check I'm not a Robot.

4.     Click Next.

5.     Click Forgot your password?

6.     Answer the security questions.

7.     Click Submit Answers. (If you are asked for your date of birth, make sure to include the slashes.)

8. Click Next.

9. Select the email you want the password to go to.

10. Click Submit and Process.

Note: This is the page with detailed information on when the password will be ready.

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