I am a faculty or staff member. How do I update my information in the online directory?

Individual information in the online directory comes from P.A.S.S. Faculty and Staff will be listed in the directory regardless of the privacy flag. The directory will never show personal information unless added as work information. Example: If you add your cell phone as the Main phone number field, your cell number will be shown as your work number.

To update your phone information,

  1. Click P.A.S.S after logging into  AccessUH.
  2. Under Employee Self Service, click My Personal Info
  3. Click on "Contact Details". Review your phone numbers. The "Main" number will show in the directory.

To update your business address,

  1. Contact your College/Department administrator.
  2. ONLY College/Department administrators can update your office number and/or your building information within Peoplesoft at UHS HRMS HR > Use > Change Work Address.

Updates to the online directory should reflect within 24 to 48 hours.

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