What can I do if my financial situation has changed?

If you have unusual or extenuating circumstances that you feel are not reflected on your FAFSA, you may meet with your financial aid advisor to discuss your situation. Your financial aid advisor will determine whether or not your circumstance warrants an appeal. If so, your advisor will provide a copy of the Special Circumstances Appeal Application and explain the requirements for your individual circumstance.

Examples of possible circumstances are:

1. Cost of Attendance Increase
An adjustment may be made to the cost of attendance for expenses that exceed the average by more than a reasonable variance.

* Dependent Expenses
* Medical/Dental Expenses
* Computer Purchase

2. Financial Reconsideration
An adjustment to reported income may be made for a family who has experienced or is experiencing a loss of income. We are unable to adjust your information if you have already included the loss as itemized deductions on your tax return.
NOTE: A loss of income due to a return to school is considered a choice, and does not support a financial reconsideration.

* Extenuating Medical and/or Dental Expenses
* Loss of Employment/Income
* Divorce- Death of Spouse/Parent

3. Dependency Status Override
If there are severe circumstances within your family that prevent you from obtaining your parent's financial information, then it may be cause to override your dependency status, and make you an independent student. The following are not considered extenuating circumstances for the purposes of achieving independent status for financial aid:

* You do not live in your parent's home.
* You are self-supporting.
* You are not claimed on your parents' tax return.
* Your parents cannot afford or refuse to help with college or living expenses.
* Your parents are not willing to provide you with their tax information.
* You and your parents had disagreements resulting in a breakdown in your relationship.

This list is not an all inclusive list. You may have a situation that is not categorized that may still be able to be cause for a change. If an adjustment is made to due to information provided, it does not guarantee eligibility for grant money or any more aid.

Once your appeal is received it will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. Failure to provide the required documentation will result in a request for additional information and possibly the denial of your appeal. The approval of an appeal from a previous institution does not impact the decision of the committee. Please allow two to four weeks for processing of an appeal.

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