How do I determine what is causing my CougarNet account to be locked?

More than likely the lockout is caused by a stored password on a computer or mobile device.

Mobile Devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.)

On your device:

  • Exchange/CougarNet Email: Verify that your e-mail application or program is using your current password. You will either be asked for your password when you try to access your E-mail, or you will need to change it in your e-mail settings.

  • UHSecure Wireless Network: Go to your device WI-FI settings > Forget the network and then try reconnecting when the network repopulates.

  • NOTE: UHSecure will only cause a lockout when the mobile device is on campus. If you are performing troubleshooting while off campus, be aware that the lockout problem may not occur again until the device is back on campus and trying to connect to UHSecure.


Desktop Workstation

  1. Shared Drives: shared drives store your CougarNet username and password to reconnect you to the drives. Disconnect from any mapped drives and then remap them with your current password.
  2. Shared Printers: shared printers store your CougarNet username and password to access printers. Delete any shared printers from your system and then add them back with your current password.
  3. Web Browser: You may have stored your CougarNet username and password on a website. Delete the saved passwords from the preferences or tools menu of your browser. (Security Alert: Never save your CougarNet username and password on a website.)
  4. Workstation: On Windows machine look in the Control Panel for Credential Manager and delete any stored passwords saved under Windows Credentials. On Macs, go to Settings and Preferences and look for Passwords.


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