How can I sign into my Skype for Business (SFB) Mobile App?

Skype for Business Mobile App for iOS and Android devices 

To Log in:

1. From your phone, click to go to the Apple Store or Google Play Store, and search for Skype for Business.

2. Tap Install to begin download.

3. Tap Open.

4. Enter your email address as (e.g.,

5. Enter your password.

6. Tap Advanced Options.

7. Enter User name as (e.g.,

8. Tap back out of Advanced Options

9. Tap Sign In.

10. Tap the Next Arrow.

11. Your mobile phone number should already be entered, if not enter your mobile phone number.

12. Tap Next.

13. Tap Done

For a pdf version of these instructions and more download the attachments below.

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