How do I calculate how much I owe to secure my classes for each term based on my pending/anticipated Financial Aid?

Once financial aid funds are posted to your myUH account (and you have accepted the aid offer) as pending/anticipated aid, you can subtract the semester's aid amount from your semester's "Charges Due." The calculated difference is either the amount you owe the university or the amount the university will refund to you. This difference is shown in your myUH account under "Account Summary." For example, let's say you have semester "Charges Due" due of $2,000. Your accepted pending/anticipated financial aid amount is $1,000. At that time, the amount you would need to pay in order to secure your classes would be $1,000, therefore your "Account Summary" would show $1000. Students are always advised to check their myUH financial accounts daily during the start of each term as balances and Financial Aid is subject to adjustment at any time.

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