Where can students get the bacterial meningitis vaccine (including those without insurance)?

Students with insurance
The bacterial meningitis vaccine is available at most doctors' offices and private clinics, many large pharmacy chains, and some minor emergency centers or medi-clinics. It is recommended that the student call to schedule an appointment to confirm that the facility offers the vaccine and accepts their insurance. The UH Health Center offers the bacterial meningitis vaccine for a cost to admitted students, but the health care providers mentioned above may be able to provide the vaccine at a lower cost.

Students with Medicaid or CHIP
The first option for students who have Medicaid or CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Plan) should be to contact his/her established healthcare provider to see if they offer the vaccine.

Students without insurance or whose insurance doesn’t cover the bacterial meningitis vaccine

  1. If the student is 18 or younger, he/she may qualify for the Texas Vaccines for Children Program. Call the United Way's referral helpline, by dialing 211, to find healthcare providers in the area who participate in this program.
  2. Many Texas city/county health departments offer free or low-cost meningococcal vaccine as part of children and adult immunization programs. The student should call to confirm that they offer the bacterial meningitis vaccine for the student’s age and specific circumstances. This link provides additional information on these services: "Full Service" City/County Health Departments in Texas.
  3. The UH Health Center offers the bacterial meningitis vaccine for a cost to admitted students. Students should call ahead to schedule an appointment and should receive the vaccination in time to meet registration deadlines.
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