How do I configure Microsoft Outlook to use the Exchange Server?

NOTE: You may need the Microsoft Office or Outlook software CD or disks.

1. Log in to the computer using your CougarNet userid and password.
2. Launch Outlook.
3. Go to the "Tools" menu and select "Account Settings".
4. Click the "New" button.
5. Choose "Microsoft Exchange Server" and then click "Next."
6. In the "Microsoft Exchange Server" field, type ""
7. Remove the check mark from the "Use Cached Exchange Mode" box.
8. In the "User Name" field, type your CougarNet userid or your last name, first name. (Be sure to capitalize the first letter of the last name.)
9. Click the "Check Name" button and your last name, first name should appear underlined. NOTE: You may need to choose your name from a list.
10. Click "Next."
11. Click "Finish" and restart Outlook.

NOTE: If this is a new Exchange email account, go to the Control Panel, click on the "Mail" icon and follow the steps above starting with step 4.

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