What options do UH faculty have for tracking classroom attendance electronically?

The recommended method for UH faculty to take electronic attendance is through personal response systems also known as "clickers."

This method, which is particularly useful for large classes, includes the faculty member utilizing software installed on, and a receiver connected to, the teaching computer (laptop or desktop).

When prompted, students in the class then respond with their personal clickers, and the data is gathered on the faculty computer.

These devices may also be used for instructional classroom activities, such as surveys or quizzes.

UH currently supports devices from TurningPoint Cloud.

Are there other options available?

While UH has tested the use of card-swipe systems that rely on student's Cougar1Cards, these systems require each student to swipe their card, which can take quite a bit of time in a large section. While we do have some locations outfitted with card readers, the consensus has been that it takes too long to have each student have to swipe a card before class begins.


Faculty members receive the necessary equipment at no charge. You may simply request a kit for use in a class, which consists of a thumb drive and a pad.

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