I am getting the message Respondus Lockdown browser in use.

There is a setting on your computer that is interfering with Respondus Lockdown Browser.

On a PC, Respondus Lockdown Browser uses the settings for Internet Explorer (IE). On a Mac, Respondus Lockdown Browser uses the settings for Safari. To check your IE or Safari settings, you will need to exit Respondus Lockdown Browser.

Before you start Respondus Lockdown Browser again,

1.Go to the Blackboard Learn login page.

2.Click the Check Browser  link on the login page to see if your browser for IE or Safari is configured properly. You should see a green checkmark for each Browser Check item.

If your browser checks out OK, then check the following security settings.

On a PC, go into Internet Explorer.

1.Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security - should NOT be set higher than


2.Go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy - should NOT be set higher than Medium.

3.Go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy, Advanced - override cookie behavior should NOT be turned on.

On a Mac, check the Safari security settings to be sure that cookies are enabled.

If you still encounter the issue after following the steps above, check for other privacy or cookie-manager applications that can alter the browser's behavior so that cookies are not stored. If javascript, popups or cookies are blocked, the browser check will probably show errors. Respondus Lockdown Browser checks to see if a cookie has been set, so the system needs to be able to set cookies. If setting cookies is blocked, this check will fail and may result in this error message.

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