How can I check to see if Eudora is set to leave messages on the server?

[For Eudora 6.1]
If you download your e-mail to your PC, you may want to keep copies on a remote server. This will enable you to access your e-mail from a location other than where your Eudora is set up and, if you lose your files on your PC, including your e-mail, you may be able to retrieve copies from the Server.

To transfer all your new messages from the incoming server to Eudora and
also leave copies of those messages on the server, follow these steps:

1. From the Tools menu, choose Options.
2. Scroll through the categories and select Incoming Mail.
3. In the Incoming Mail options window, turn on the Leave mail on server option. This
option is available only if you are using POP.
4. Select the Delete from server after _ days box and set the maximum number of
days that copies of your e-mail messages should be kept on the server. This number
is determined by the time it takes you to check mail from all your computers.
If this number is too small, copies of your mail will not be delivered to all of your

5. Remember if you set the number of days to be too great, your quota will fill up on reserved space on your account

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