What is the tuition rebate for undergraduate students who graduate on-time?

A tuition rebate of $1000 is offered to undergraduate students who meet the requirements for eligibility. Rebate requests may be submitted to your departmental advisor or your College’s central academic advising office. 

Who is eligible?

Some of the eligibility requirements include students who:

· Took their first college course in Fall 1997 or later;

· Have been Texas residents at all times while pursuing the degree;

· Have been entitled to pay in-state tuition at all times while pursuing the degree; and

· Have not yet graduated.

· To read all of the eligibility requirements, visit the Tuition Rebate website.

When is the deadline to apply?

Students must apply by the graduation deadline of the semester they will graduate with their first degree. More information is available at http://www.uh.edu/af/universityservices/policies/mapp/05/050304.pdf

For frequently asked questions, students may visit the College for Texans webpage.

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