How do I register for the free instructor-led training classes conducted by Information Technology?

Registration Procedure for IT Training Classes

You will need your Skillport eLearning username and password (birth date) to log in and register for classes.

From the SkillPort home page(, click the "Catalog" link at the top Next, click on the "Instructor Led Training" link Next, click on the name of the course you are interested in, e.g., HTML I Then click on "Sessions" (Make sure your Popup blocker is disabled so you can see the new content window) A number will appear next to the date and time of the session you want, provided it is offered. Click this session number (example:01-0000) for the session you want to enroll in. Then click the "Enroll Me" button You can see what you are registered for by going to the "Instructor Led Training" link on the left hand side of your home page in SkillPort eLearning. Sessions you are enrolled for will appear in your "My Plan" and My ILT" (ILT = Instructor-led Training). If no sessions of a course are currently available (i.e.: there are no sessions scheduled or all sessions are full), you can add a course to your watch list. When you add a course to the watch list, the session is listed under the "ILT Courses I Am Watching" section of the Home page and on the ILT page. PLEASE NOTE: MACINTOSH USERS USING OS X 10.4 AND HIGHER AND USING SAFARI VERSION 2.0 AND UP, ALUMNI, AND INDIVIDUALS WITHOUT A COUGARNET ID WILL HAVE TO CONTACT IT TRAINING AT (713) 743-1564 OR E-MAIL US AT TO REGISTER.

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