I am interested in international business. Does UH offer an international business major or minor?

The Bauer College of Business at UH Central requires a Global Studies sequence of courses of all business majors, and all courses consider business from an international perspective. To enhance career opportunities, business students major in a functional area such as accounting or finance or marketing rather than a general international business major. For non-business majors, a Global Business minor will be available in and thereafter, to enhance the marketability of students’degrees outside of business.

The minor in Global Business consists of the following five courses:

INTB 3351 History of Globalization
INTB 3352 Politics of Globalization
INTB 3353 Economics of Globalization
ENTR 3310 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ENTR 3312 Introduction to Intrapreneurship

The goal of this minor is to give non-business majors an understanding of the business process in the context of the global marketplace, and the historical, political, and economic forces that shape it. The two ENTR courses involve a cross-functional study of the business process from a small and mid-size perspective (entrepreneurship), and from a large-size business, corporate perspective (intrapreneurship).

In addition to the Global Business minor, students completing the two ENTR courses will receive a certificate in intrapreneurship.

To take these courses and to declare this minor, students only need a 2.0 GPA at UH and completion of 45 hours. INTB 3353, requires ECON 2301, 2304 or 2305 as a recommended prerequisite.

Students may file for the minor online during established filing periods at: http://www.bauer.uh.edu/Undergraduate/minor.htm

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