I have a bachelor degree. I am interested in taking business courses at UH. What should I do?

Post-baccalaureate (PB) status is a classification for students who have already completed a bachelor's degree. The Bauer College of Business has several options to further your education if you fit this category. You may want to consider applying to one of our masters-level degree programs--the MBA, the Executive MBA, or the MS Accountancy Program. Or you may be interested in one of our certificate programs, one of our graduate certificate programs offered through the Center for Executive Development, or the Certificate in Accountancy Program, designed for PB students to prepare you for the CPA exam. Information on these degrees available on the Bauer website: www.bauer.uh.edu under “Degrees and Programs.” 

PB students may not take undergraduate classes or pursue a second degree in business in the Bauer College of Business. PB options have been developed at the 5000 level: a Certificate of Accountancy Program, in addition to our graduate programs.

Graduate Classes (6000-level) can only be taken by students admitted into a graduate degree program or a graduate certificate program. PB students are not eligible to take business classes at the graduate level (6000-level or above). 

The Certificate in Accountancy offers accounting courses (5000-level) designed to prepare PB students to meet CPA exam requirements. PB students in this program are non-degree seeking status, and may take all or only part of the courses as needed to sit for the CPA exam. For the certificate, you must complete eight courses beyond ACCT 5301. For admission information, see http://www.bauer.uh.edu/Accounting/CAP/overview.htm , or contact the Office of Undergraduate Business Programs at cap@uh.edu

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