What is a stop, why do I have one, and how can I get it cleared?

Stops are used to block a number of activities and services including enrollment (i.e., registration, add/drop, withdrawal), release of transcripts or verification of enrollment and use of UH facilities. Below are some common stops:

1) ADMISSION- Applicants may have an enrollment stop even after they have been accepted due to missing transcripts or other documents. A student with such a stop should contact the admissions office at 713-743-1010 or stop by the Admissions office in the Welcome Center.

2) FRESHMAN ADVISING - All new freshmen have a Freshman advising stop and must be advised prior to registration. Advising takes place at New Student Orientation. If a student is unable to attend Orientation, a meeting with an advisor is required and an appointment may be necessary. Declared majors should meet with their college or department advisor. Undeclared students should meet with a USD advisor.

3) TSI hold - The University Studies Division places a TSI hold on all students who have not completed the Texas Success Initiative or provided evidence of exemption. 

4) FINANCIAL - A financial stop indicates that the student has an unpaid debt to the university. A financial stop prevents all activity on an account from enrollment to release of transcripts and receipt of diploma. Visit the Student Financial Services website at http://www.uh.edu/sfs/ for additional information. You may also visit their office in the Welcome Center.

5) DEAN'S - A dean's stop may indicate that the student needs to declare a major or find a new major. A contract violation may also result in a Dean's stop.

To have a stop removed, the student should follow the instructions on the web or VIP or visit the office that placed the stop and take the action indicated: submit transcripts, be advised, pay the bill, change the major, provide T.S.I. scores, etc.

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