I have opened a new myNSM(VNet) account. How do I change my password?

About VNet

VNet is a Web operating system for students, faculty, and staff designed to facilitate the exchange of information. Click Here to go to myNSM(VNet).

To change your password if you know what it is:
1. Click Here to go to the main myNSM(VNet) page.
2. Go to the VNet Login section and login with your VNet username (userid) and your current password.
3. In the My VNet section at the top left, click the My Account link.
4. In the Personal Information section, click the Change Password button.
5. Enter your Old (current) Password, your New Password (the one you want to use), and re-type your New Password in the last field (to make sure you typed what you meant to) and click the Change button.

If you need to reset your VNet password, go to the VNet Login section and click the "Forgot your password?" link, or Click Here to go to the Computer Account Management web page (formerly the Password Reset web page).

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