How do I reserve instructional equipment for a class or meeting?

Contact your department to see if the ability to reserve equipment is provided within your department.

Instructional equipment for the university is also provided by Information Technology's TSS Classroom Technologies. Equipment is available to all faculty and staff.

Before reserving equipment from Classroom Technologies, you will need a VNet account. Click Here to go to the New Account page. Click on “New Account Request” to obtain an account. (Allow 24 hours for processing.)

Use these steps to reserve equipment:
1. Go to
2. If you are not currently logged on to VNet you will be taken to the log in page before going to the reservation page.
3. Select the type (of equipment), date and time
4. Click Submit
5. Enter the delivery location; if delivery is available
6. Enter any reservation comments; such as you will pick up equipment yourself or you need help setting up equipment
7. Click Reserve next to the desired equipment

For assistance call 713-743-1155.

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