How can I prevent being affected by worms and viruses?

The following are our recommendations:
• Install a virus scanner: There are several virus scans available for free on the Internet. We recommend downloading the McAfee VirusScan from our Web site.
• Update the virus scanner automatically. Click Here for more information on the Auto Update.
• Do not open e-mail attachments you are not expecting, even if they come from someone you know. Many worms and viruses travel via e-mails.
• If you download a file from the Internet, scan it with a virus scanner before opening it.
• Keep your operating system and programs up-to-date.
• Avoid running random programs you find on the Internet
• To stop viruses from running before you can stop them, we recommend you turn off scripting in your Web barticleser. This might prevent your use of certain programs or visiting certain Web sites.

Click Here for Recommended IT Practices.

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