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Dear Anthony D. Stott,

Thank you so much for your email.

When I made my score report request to ETS at Feb 23 2003, I told them to mail my GRE score to 6870, the institute code of UNIV HOUSTON UNIVERSITY PARK. And I included the CIVIL ENGINEERING department code(1102) as well since department code is also required by ETS.

Could you please help me to check if the Civil Engineering Dept. of your univ. still has the tape of my official GRE score sent by ETS during the week of February 24, 2003? If so, could you request them to forward the tape to your office? If the tape is lost, please drop me a line by email asap. Your help would be highly appreciated.

I have not requested ETS to resend my GRE score to you since I still cherish a hope that your univ. still holds it on file.

If 1102 code could not be used, what code I should use when filling in the dept. code on the score request form? The Communication department code? Or just leave it as blank? If I should use the Communication department code, could you tell me what it is?

By the way, my GRE registration number is 4626856. My test date is 06/21/01.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks again for your time.

Enjoy a wonderful spring!

Best regards,

Yixin Chen

My full name: Chen, Yixin
Application ID for fall of 2004: 482283
SSN: 532-51-2795
Date of Birth: 08/25/1973

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